Who Are We?

We are on a mission to inspire people to live a dynamic life, and gather them in PollyPark. As a start-up female activewear brand, PollyPark has a big heart of believing that we can establish a multicultural community that gets you moving!

Having Fun is what we doing here

We believe having an active life does not mean that forcing you to challenge yourself to be stronger, or for self-growth. In most cases, it’s just about having fun! Playing, and enjoying every moment of life are what we like you to do in PollyPark!

Natural, Responsive, and Inclusive are what we stand for

We love exploring, and keep ourselves close to our mother earth. Nothing compares to the beauty of nature.
Protecting our planet is our responsibility, so we constantly go after sustainability of our products.
Building a community for everyone with a free spirit. If you are just like us, whoever you are, join us in PollyPark.