Work with POLLYPARK to earn commissions

on the sales you generate.

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

· Sign up for the PollyPark Affiliate Program and get your customer affiliate link.

· Visitors who click on your link/ad are redirected to the PollyPark store.

· You will get 5% commission of every order for those you refer.

Detailed Information

About PollyPark Affiliate Program?
· The PollyPark Affiliate Program allows you to refer potential buyers to the PollyPark Store with a personalised affiliate link.
· You will get rich commission for any order made through your affiliate link.
Only 4 Steps to Join Affiliates.
Pollypark supports the popular affiliate network. If you aren't already a Shareasale affiliate you need to create an affiliate account first.
Step 1: Fill Out an Application for PollyPark and apply to our affiliate program through the Shareasale interface
Step 2: Sign-up & Get your affiliate link. We can track every conversion made by your visitors.
Step 3: Advertise our coupons, links or banners on your website or your homepage.
Step 4: Get 5% commission per sale credited to your account after driving a purchase.
Features of Our Affiliate Program.
· 30 days cookie for conversion tracking. When someone clicks your affiliate link, a cookie will be added to their browser to insure that you’ll receive credit for any PollyPark Store orders within 30 days.
· Creative and Ongoing Coupons, Deals, Banners and Text links available for customers to improve your conversion.
· All products listed in PollyPark join in the Affiliate Program.
Commissions will be Reversed in the Following Situations.
1. A customer returns a product within 30 days, requests a refund, or cancels an order.
2. An invalid order because of a credit card fraud or charge in dispute.
About Withdrawal of Affiliate Commission
Affiliate commissions are sent out monthly subject to the net sales. You can directly withdraw your commission from the affiliate network. For the detailed rules, please refer it on the affiliate network.