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Do you want to make room for your space? Or perhaps you want to improve how you fold your hoodies (they are awkward as heck). In any case, this article will show you how to do it.

So you'd like to learn how to fold a hoodie? You're not alone, to be sure. T-shirts? Put it out of your mind. Fold, fold, and bang. Then you're done. On the other hand, A hoodie has long sleeves and a hood, and no matter what you do, it always looks like a messy ball of cloth with portions hanging out, right?

That is something that happens to us as well. Knowing how to fold hoodies properly with so many hoodies and little storage space pays you right away. So please sit back, relax, and go through our list of the best hoodie folds to get your anal-retentive goolies all aquiver.

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To save space, how do you fold hoodies?

The basic folded hoodies

If you've ever tried to fold a hoodie before, you've most likely used the basic fold. This procedure entails laying the hood upside down on a flat surface. The back of the hoodie should be facing up, while the front should be facing down. Cross your arms towards the middle of the hoodie while still in that stance. The hoodie should be rectangular.

Fold the top half of the hoodie equally over the other half of the hoodie. Take one side of the hood and fold it vertically over the other. At the bottom, the hood should protrude.

It should be opened and stretched over the hoodie's folded body. The goal is for the complete body to fit inside the hood. The hoodie should be folded into a square, with the hood covering the rest of the hoodie.

Marie Kondo's Folded hoodie

Marie Kondo takes a lot of inspiration from traditional sweatshirt folding techniques. Her second folding method, the KonMarie Fold (details below), cemented her reputation as a tidiness and organization icon. 

KonMarie's Folded hoodie

With the iconic KonMarie Fold, you may organize yourself to your heart's content! Place the hoodie on a smooth surface. The hoodie's front should be facing down.

Fold both sides of the hoodie towards each other in the center, one at a time. With the sleeves stretching outside, both ends should contact in the middle.

Take the sleeves and fold them in half horizontally in the center of the hoodie.

The hoodie should now be rectangular, with the hood protruding from the top.

Fold the hood backward so that the opening faces up. In the middle of the hoodie, the bottom of the hoodie and the hood should meet halfway. The hoodie will take on the shape of a rectangle.

To make a square, grab one end of the rectangle by the edge. And fold it on top of the other. Your hoodie is now ready for storage in your closet.

Making a hood out of a hoodie

You can choose to fold the hoodie's sleeves inside the hood. The idea is to restrict it as tightly as possible to leave nothing outside.

Begin by laying the hood out on a flat surface. In the middle of the left side of the hoodie, fold it in half. You should fold the left sleeve back and down over the already folded left side.

Carry on with the right side in the same manner. Ensure that both sides of the hoodie are folded tightly so that the body of the hoodie is not broader than the hood.

Fold the hood's bottom half upwards now. Only a third of the hood needs to be folded in this method. Fold it a second time in the same manner, ending the double fold towards the hood's beginning. Fold the folded part of the body into the hood and tuck it in neatly.

It may appear not easy, but it is not. To discover precisely how to accomplish it, watch this video.

Folded hoodies are being organized.

After you've finished folding your hoodies, organize them so they look lovely wherever you put them. Folded hoodies can be piled on a shelf or in a wardrobe. The hoodies should be stacked on top of one another. Stack them in the shelve or closet from bottom to top. When stacking the hoodies, don't mix them up if they're folded in various ways.

It would help if you handled hoodies folded in the KonMarie manner with care to avoid unraveling.

Another excellent organization tip is to keep your folded hoodies in a designated spot, which may be a specific drawer.

It shouldn't be as complicated as it appears to fold and organize your hoodies. Fold them as mentioned above and keep them nicely organized, which will make your closet look neater and make it easier to find your hoodies without causing other items to become disorganized.

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