How To Choose The Right Tennis Wear

How To Choose The Right Tennis Wear | PollyPark

Tennis is known for being an upscale game with a lot of rules and guidelines. It's likewise known for getting the attention of the "country club type" of individuals, which frequently prompts remarkable fashion statements.

The right tennis clothing can support your game as well as assist you with fitting in among tennis circles. When dressing for tennis, you should wear clothing that has been explicitly intended for the difficulties of the game.

Guidelines For Buying the Right Tennis Wear

  1. Choose cotton, always: Cotton is the most breathable fabric in tennis. Cotton is breathable, which implies it will not make you sweat more. It's additionally fairly spongy, so can absorb a portion of the sweat you create during an exercise. Cotton exercise garments are additionally somewhat reasonable when contrasted with synthetic fabrics.
  2. Make sure the fit is either tight or slightly loose: This forestalls bulk and encumbrance while you move around on the court. You want to wear what stays on your skin and that isn’t a distraction as you play your favorite sport. So, ensure it’s either tight or slightly loose if you do not like it being tight.
  3. Headgear: It is good to wear a visor or headband for insurance against the sun during a day at the courts. These can keep sweat from getting at you and can even be combined with a pair of shades!

Featured Tennis Wear

Poplift Spaghetti Strap Tennis Dress

The Poplift Spaghetti Strap Tennis Dress is a flawless dress for your favorite sport! With clean lines, thin ties, and a secret pair of inward shorts with pockets, it has everything you need to stay stylish on the go. You'll cherish how this simple tennis dress fits and feels!

  • Made of an 80-20 Nylon and Elastane mix, this dress stays fitted on you as you move. 
  • Spaghetti-style ties let you richly expose your collarbone and shoulders. 
  • Built-in shorts give you comfort and a modest appearance, while pockets hold your possessions.

Poplift Crop Hem Polo Shirt

The exemplary polo is a flirty upgrade. The body-embracing style exposes your tummy and exposes four buttons and a preppy neckline - present-day flows with a little day-to-night twist. You'll cherish the super delicate, lightweight material each time you slip it on. Additionally, it combines impeccably with the Poplift tennis skirt.

  • Durable 80-20 nylon elastane texture carries sturdiness to a breathable design. 
  • Your style sparkles - whether the front is fastened or not. 
  • Crop hem adds a remarkable take to the exemplary ladies' polo.

Poplift Built-in Shorts Tennis Skirt

Ultra-comfortable, coy, and fun, the Poplift tennis skirt is made to move while keeping your style cleaned and preppy. This overall creased skirt highlights worked in shorts and pockets for every one of your necessities - ideal for going to the recreational center or getting in a speedy run.

  • Lightweight 80-20 nylon-elastane texture is comfortably lightweight. 
  • Built-in shorts wipe out abrading and distress during exercise 
  • Wide elastic waistband for an ideal fit, without fail.


The dress worn for tennis will in general develop after some time, yet current clothing is expected to offer reasonableness in blend with the greatest comfort. There may still be remnants of sexism in the distinctive clothing expected of ladies at many clubs, yet these are progressively turning out to be more uncommon, helped by the patterns at the professional level and the adjustments to the guidelines.

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