Do you like pockets on your clothing?

Do you like pockets on your clothing?


Pockets -- is the main accessory parts of the garment, it not only has a practical function, and because it often resides in the obvious part of the garment, also has a strong decorative role. Modern clothing design, as clothing more and more focus on functionality, the status of the pocket is also increasingly important. In some of the more decorative style of clothing, the decorative role of pockets more eye-catching.


Designers often use the shape, size and style of pockets to compensate and perfect their designs. They put a variety of pockets on the front, back, front belly, back hip, arms, legs and even on the collar and hat, greatly enhancing the expressiveness of the garment and making the design more perfect. Today let me show you one after another pockets in the clothing design can play how many kinds of patterns.


Let's start with the top. Traditional women's formal wear rarely have chest pockets, only some fashionable versions will try to do the upper pockets. Most top pockets are mainly Waist pockets, both for people to store their belongings, and also to keep their hands warm, but also as part of the styling layout.Take a look at our latest pocket sweater, loose fit, not tight even when sporting a large amplitude, unique large pockets are very personalized and can be filled with commonly used small accessories, both styling and practicality.


Hooded sweatshirts with pockets are also essential, not only for warmth and protection, security and anti-theft, but also for fashion and beauty. The abdomen will be more likely to hoard fat in winter to withstand the cold, and many people have small stomachs. A large pocket in front of the shirt to cover up the visual effect is good and can subtly block the meat on the stomach. They usually feature a loose fit, adjustable drawstrings, and long sleeves for wearing in the spring, fall, or winter months. Hooded  are developed from sweatshirts, users in sports essential need to bring something, sportsmen in order to facilitate the loading of things have two options, waist packs and arm packs, kangaroo pockets are similar to waist packs, which influenced the design of later sweatshirt pockets.


The pockets of sports shorts usually focus on the pursuit of practicality You can put some small items and also have some aesthetic decorative effects. In my area, for example, I basically wear running shorts all year round. I only have one pair of long pants for winter running, and the rest are running shorts. I believe that many friends have encountered such a problem, always want to run while listening to songs, although many elite runners do not listen to music to focus on running, but I am just a running scum, running is to be happy and relaxed, so music is essential. And a lot of times, I also listen to some courses, a lot of inspiration in work and in life comes from this. Trust me, if you want to keep your phone from falling out of your pocket, then pocket shorts with a zipper would be your best bet. Cycling pants may be an exception. The inner crotch of cycling pants is sewn with a pad to reduce the wear and tear of the bike cushion on the inner thighs, and cycling pants are generally required to be cut in three dimensions in order to better conform to the human cycling posture.


Leggings with strong elastic wrapping shaping effect, the woman's beautiful curves and body completely embodied, making women more confident and charming. This outstanding and excellent, make the self feel very good, even proud. Therefore, leggings have gradually become a must-have item in the new era of women's closet. Compared to the traditional sports leggings, many new leggings have more thoughtfully designed utility pockets. It inherits the biggest advantage of a carry-on fanny pack to hold all the necessary personal items for sports. Like cell phones, change, bus cards, energy bars, keys, headphones, even water bottles, emergency drugs, it can put down; wide range of applications: for running, yoga, fitness, cycling, hiking, dancing and other scenarios. There are even some new models will be pockets to the back waist, you can put some small objects, less obstruction of the movement. Because the style is relatively simple so basically take what clothes can, direct sports bra in the summer, when it is cold I think it is very convenient to wear a sweater knit, hip or crotch slightly less good-looking sisters can take long tops, the effect is also good Oh!


In fact, in the 17th to 19th centuries, many women's clothes were equipped with a large detachable pocket that was very convenient. But as the concept of "fashion" was born, women's pockets began to be designed smaller and smaller, and were replaced by bags. To counter this trend, starting in the late 19th century, many women began to call on manufacturers to give them back their rightful "big pocket power". However, over the past hundred years, as jeans have become a fashion icon, instead of getting bigger, pockets have disappeared as waistlines have gotten thinner. The good thing is that fashion has a reincarnation, and nowadays the pocket design in clothing is appearing more frequently in people's vision, constantly pushing out new and fancy patterns, greatly enriching the visual level of clothing modeling, making the surface image of clothing richer and more three-dimensional, with a variety of fun and multiple uses at the same time, the former fashion killer may become the new fashion favorite.

What would you do with our Polly Pocket?

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